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Ring **Spoiler Warning** Rings of Power S1E6 - "Udûn"

Just finished the latest episode, and as always, I have thoughts:

What I didn't like:

- We finally get the showdown between the Southlanders and the Orcs(Sorry Adar, Uruks). It didn't really feel like the grand battles we are used to, and this i feel is because of the utilization of the scenes and characters. We have seen big and grand shots of beautiful places such as Numenor, Lindon and Khazad-dum, only to be stuck in a small set or room that never seems to break over fifty people. Which leads to the battle in this nondescript village being rather lackluster.

- I know I have critiqued the pacing before, but the editing here has been some of the worst. Having a quick cut to the Numenoreans charging along the plain really took away from the moment in the tavern when you hear the hoofbeats like thunder. Same with seeing Waldreg using the key to break the dam and release the river like a proud ent, and then switch to a heartfelt scene between father and son. This could very well be personal taste, but I can imagine better editing would do a great service.
Also, the whole switcheroo with the sword-key was silly, along with the "hiding it so nobody knows oh but wait this kid knows".

- The "save each other" cliche was running amok in this episode. I count at least four times where it happened. And this happened twice between Galadriel and Halbrand(been messing up his name before) and just felt like poor characterization. Even the one time where this cliche would make sense, with Isildur riding in to save his father, it gets undone with Halbrand saving him instead.

- Galadriel seems to have one emotion/face in this episode, and in past ones. I see they are using the Legolas style of spicing combat up with her saddle-dancing there.

What I liked:

- The star of this episode is Adar, who is making me root more for the Uruks then the elves or men at this point. I definitely feel like he will be set up as the false enemy as Saurons plots become unravelled.

- The VFX of Orodruin blowing up was really cool, but maybe overdone plotwise since the episode ends with the village being covered in volanic ash and of course all the named characters will survive this.

- I like the proto-Gondorian armour, and most of the costume design in general. Obligatory shout out to Elendil's helmet.


- I feel more and more that Halbrand is Sauron now, especially from his interaction with Adar. Adar believes that he killed Sauron, who is known to take multiple forms. While the acting leaves a lot to be desired if he is in fact Sauron, it fits in plotwise. Hoping this awkard, possibly sexual, tension between Galadriel and Halbrand peeters off soon.

- Everyone is going to survive cause that tavern is made of something stronger then mithril: plot armour.
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