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Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
It's almost as though Tolkien actually thought his characters' motivations through...!

(No, actually that is surprising, for the Silm; the number of times he rejigged random bits of the story gives very much the opposite impression.)
Lol. I suppose you can fit whatever motivations you want under the bare bones of facts. But seriously!...

Originally Posted by Hui
Well, you're singing it! That's the one I landed on, too, with a slight preference towards "claim".
And "claim" it is! That was a brilliant way to turn that phrase, I love it. It hits all the right points, and it flows really well.

Originally Posted by Hui
The beauty of Middle-earth is that Tolkien created such a broad and deep setting that you can always wriggle anything into being canonical. I could've gone field, hills, river or swamp and still found somewhere to fit it. (Possibly even better than Brethil would have been Tasarinan with the willows, but eh, I like birch.)
Birches are lovely! And I think Tasarinan is a bit far to the south, no? (Or else I'm just looking for excuses to justify the birches )

Originally Posted by Hui
(Utterly unrelated: good grief, I've just discovered the 3-volume edition of HoME, which sounds frankly terrifying!)
That's a whopper! O.o

Now, to the meat of the stuff... today I discovered that my voice is fully back! And therefore:

Test run of Dream, which demonstrates that I need to do something about the end consonants (wind wing???) and the breath for the final "mine". But I'm up to Beren's part for the music, give or take a bit of editing.


Appeal - Entrance, where Beren is slightly off-key, but that' okay because the Elf Choir seems good. (Choir alone here). I swear, doing the choirs is such tremendous fun! (...swear to this oath... ). I think that's pretty much the end of them though, except for Epilogue where "everybody" sings. Well, we'll still get to play around with Beren/Luthien harmony on the "Let the wind rage" stanzas, twice. I was hoping to sing through the whole of Nargothrond too, but it is quite late, and the part of me that knows better put its foot down at this point because I already have done none of the reading I was supposed to do today and I will sooo regret this tomorrow as it is. But at least Choir is there, and I will get to Appeal eventually and sing it to my heart's content. ^.^
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