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Palantir-Green Rings of Power: Prediction Thread

Since there is a sort of Mirth version of this, it nevertheless struck me that we do not have a genuine prediction thread for the Rings of Power. I found myself throwing an occasional prediction in the discussion thread for the various episodes, but thought that it might be nice to have a place dedicated specifically to them.

So this would be the place to post your predictions - your SERIOUS predictions - of what might happen in the show.

Ideally, post your predictions that are based on at least some foreshadowing or what you believe is a foreshadowing, not just "I believe that in season 3, Isildur will grow a moustache because it would be neat".

I think that this thread could - hopefully - serve in the future as a fun repository of what we believed would happen, seeing where we were correct and where we were not.

Just like in the case of Form's recent thread, let's make this a positive thread. By which I do not mean that your predictions cannot be negative (I leave it for you to decide whether Isildur with a moustache is a positive or a negative vision), but I mean that baseless screams about how the show is going to butcher everything because that is its vile nature are not something we need to see. If we wanted to read that, we could head almost anywhere else.

And as a last remark, obviously, this thread will, by nature, have SPOILERS.

For the sake of keeping things neater, I will post my own predictions in a separate post.
"Should the story say 'he ate bread,' the dramatic producer can only show 'a piece of bread' according to his taste or fancy, but the hearer of the story will think of bread in general and picture it in some form of his own." -On Fairy-Stories
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