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Ring A revelation about Legolas

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Several months ago, a spirited debate took place on another board about the color of Legolas' hair. I lost interest before any consensus was reached and also because I had a firm personal view that his hair was dark. The debate focused upon which elven host had what color hair (the vanyar had golden hair, the teleri silver(?) and the noldor dark, went the debate). Others pointed out that passages in LoTR implied his hair was blonde.

Anyway, I reread The Hobbit and came across the folowing about Legolas' father, Thranduil: &quot;and at the head of a long line of feasters sat a woodland king with a crown of leaves upon his GOLDEN hair.&quot; Ch. 8 Annotated Hobbit, P. 165 (emphasis added of course). Coupled with the LoTR refernce about his hair making a golden halo, this about does it for me. Comments?

And if this is old news. let me try another, how does he walk on top of snow after the storm on Caradhras?

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