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The Eye "Ugh?", "Ogh!", "???": The Different Cultures of the Orcs

We had a nice discussion goin' on in another thread and I want to hear your views about the subject: Do you think that the Orcs were all the same or did they have their own cultures?

We know that, for example, the Moria orcs were small and rather weak, but strong in number, while the Uruk-hai were more or less the opposite.
Further, the Uruk-hai didn't have the possibility to create their own culture, because they were not born in the usual way. As for religion, I think that for them their only master Saruman could have also been sth like a "god" figure. Though we never read that they worshipped him.

My guess for the Moria orcs is that they actually had the possibility to develop their own culture over the years. I mean, it's different living in dark caves for centuries or living in a vast dusty plain (Mordor orcs).
Their bodies must have been different, so I think that their views of the world were different, too. Maybe because Sauron wasn't living really near to them, the Moria orcs didn't worship him, but the Balrog instead, (That's quite debatable, actually)as well as they feared him.

We know for certain that the orcs had different languages and used the Westron when they were communicating with other tribes. A sure sign for a different developement of cultures.

And, after re-reading the scenes with Shagrat and Gorbag, I think that the orcs strongly identify with the company or regiment or army they belong too. I mean, that doesn't count as a different culture. But we don't know of any non-violent activities of the orcs, so maybe their lifes are 100% occupied by their activities in wars, guardings (tower of Cirith Ungol) or slaughtering themselves. So maybe the army they belonged to WAS their culture (or the only content of their lives).

And after thinking and reading and thinking again I really hope that this has not been discussed that often before, since I forgot to checkt the search option.

Edit: I have searched now, and I have not found anything similar. Sorry if this subject has been discusses before. Feel free to comment on my views, though.

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