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And now for the Inklings:

from Aylwen Dreamsong


1. It was an ill omen when the daughter of Tar-Aldarion, Tar-Ancalimë, became the only heir to the Sceptre of Numenor. Many were not happy when her father Tar-Aldarion changed the laws of succession to allow for a female ruling monarch. Tell the story of how Tar-Anclimë had to win the right to rule Numenor. (The experience of Elizabeth Tutor, who became England's Elizabeth I, can suggest ideas here.) See the chapter "The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor" in Unfinished Tales for the brief outline of Tar-Ancalimë's rule and the competition between her and Soronto and her forced unhappy marriage with Hallacar.

2. Crossing of the Helcaraxë - Having been left by Fëanor, Fingolfin and his host are forced to pass through the icy region of the Helcaraxë on their journey to Middle-Earth. (Idea courtesy of Carrûn)


1. What adventures led to the queer nightmares about the Old Forest that so frighten Fatty Bolger? This game plays out the events of long ago when the hobbits attacked the forest by cutting down the trees and burning them in the Bonfire Glade. The chapter "The Old Forest" in Lord of the Rings tells the story from the hobbits' perspective, but would the trees have a different story to tell? This game can be written from the trees' perspective or can combine the two perspectives.

2. The year is 2002 (Third Age), and Earnil is king of Gondor. He and his son, Earnur, have had confrontations with the Ringwraiths, and Earnur has earned the chief hatred of the Witch-king. Minas Ithil is weakening, and it is up to the soldiers at the tower to save Gondor's first line of defence against Mordor from the Ringwraiths. Recommended reading for historical background is Appendix B and the Chronology in the back of Rotk. (Idea submitted by Orual)


1. Why or how and when were the Glittering Caves delved by the dwarves? How came they to be abandoned and lost to general knowledge? Create a story of argument and intrigue and betrayal between the Rohirrim and the dwarves that led to the abandonment of Aglarond, the Glittering Caves. Or was it a foul creature who forced the dwarves to abandon Aglarond?

2. The Dead have fulfilled their oath and recieved eternal peace. Subsequently, the lands around Morthond Vale have once again become habaitable. Men from the townships along the Ciril river have gradually settled in the outer edges of the previously cursed land. Especially enterprising (and stupidly brave) merchants would sometimes send small shipments directly through the Paths of the Dead into Rohan. But soon, a number of these shipments began disappearing. Outlying villages were raided. The Dead had many secrets, and not all rest lightly. (Idea courtesy of Ransom)

3. Isengar Took, youngest son of Gerontius, is said to have "gone to sea in his youth". Did he go adventuring with friends? Did he join a trading party with some men? Did he maybe go to the Havens (following the Elves?) Maybe he got attacked at some point? Perhaps a mystery for later Hobbit generations to figure out? (Idea courtesy of Lyra Greenleaf)


1.The stories of fair lasses running away from arranged marriages are many, and even stories of their revenge are not few in counting. But what about the poor boys that the pretty girls are forced to marry? The door swings both ways, they say. In this game, a boy from Gondor runs away from home to escape an arranged marriage, taking his ‘true love’ along with him. But there are always obstacles to pass through, and the lover’s parents and the former bride’s parents go on the hunt for the runaways.

2. (With compliments to William Shakespeare) It's 1168 SR and Gormadoc Brandybuck and Malva Headstrong want to marry. The only problem is that Malva's Great Grandfather (on the basis of some rather dodgy genealogical evidence) made a claim to being the true Master of Buckland, and the family (living up to their name) have kept up the claim ever since. There is deep enmity between the families...(Idea submitted by Lyra Greenleaf)
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