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1. "Holiday in the Sun" - A family and friends from Minas Tirith have journeyed to Belfalas for a summer holiday when the Corsairs of Umbar attack. Avoid the Men of the Corsairs and race back to Minas Tirith to warn the King of the assault.

2. "Famine in the Southlands" -- There is drought in Gondor, causing plants to refuse to grow and animals to head North for more hospitable climes. A group of Gondorians must be sent North as well to ask aid of the realms who aren't suffering from the famine caused by the drought.

3. “Farmer in the Dale” -- Dale, 2770. You are an innocent tradesman, loading barrels on a sun-dappled afternoon, when you hear the ominous flapping of great wings approaching. You must rescue your family, help your neighbors and escape the City.

4. "Evacuate” -- A small human settlement near Minas Tirith has mysteriously dropped off the radar screen. A group of soldiers are sent to investigate. They discover that a small orcish raiding party has razed the town and carted off most of the families. However, said orcs weren't the smartest creatures and are still camped about a mile away. Rescue the villagers and evacuate all civilians back to Minas Tirith.

5. “For Their Sport” - "What is a thrall? A man who was a man but is treated as a beast. Fed only to keep alive, kept alive only to toil, toiling only for fear of pain or death. And from these robbers he may get pain or death just for their sport.”

The Easterlings are a cruel sort. You have toiled as a slave for these unkind masters, and now you have been chosen to meet a cruel end as quarry for one of their hunts. Released without weapons or gear, tired and malnourished from months or years of imprisonment, far from hope and home, you must use your wits and cooperate with your fellow prisoners if you hope to turn the tables on the hunters and escape to freedom by crossing the Anduin into Gondor and linking up with friendly forces.

6. "Homeward Bound" - Sixteen years after the fall of Barad Dur, the Easterling Slaves of Nurn have become a minority and are the victims of attack by Haradrim. Although they've been given land in Nurn they desire to return to their homeland to the North East, around the Sea of Rhun. They must escape from the Haradrim in Nurn, the Orcs that still lurk in the Ered Lithui, and Gondorian vigilantes and scouts determined that they stay put and cause no trouble.

7. "To Claim My Own" - Bandits have come to Rohan and killed a farmer, taking his land and animals as their own. But now the farmer's son has returned from his trip to Gondor, and is told what has happened. He now must gather an 'army' to take back his land and destroy the bandits and rescue his other relatives.

8. “Golden and Proud” – T.A. 2565-8. Brego, King of the Mark, has undertaken the building of the Golden Hall, also called Meduseld. The Hall was about to be completed when the builders ran out of gold for the roof. A group of riders is summoned to ride to Dol Amroth where they must exchange several fine breeding mares for the needed gold. Their return is threatened by greedy bandits, and the threat of Sauron’s agents.

9. “Attack of the Men of Eothed” – In 2510 TA, Gondor is simultaneously attacked by a host of wild men out of the Brown-lands and by Orcs coming down from the mountains. Cirion, the steward of Gondor, sends a message to Eorl, the King of the Eothads. Trace the fortunes of war as Eorl and his men fight their way southward, turns the tide of battle at the last moment, and go on to receive a grant of land which becomes the Mark of the Riders of Rohan.

10. “The Siege of Gundabad”- Some years after the War of the Ring, it has been decided by King Elessar to send a troop of able-bodied soldiers to the Misty Mountains to resolve the situation of the orcs who dwell there. The orcs of Mount Gundabad may be offered alliance, but will probably refuse. In this case, the soldiers have been told to destroy this last orc refuge, but these goblins have plenty of strength left and are willing to fight to the end.

11. " The Prisoner of Númenor" In the reign of King Ar-Pharazôn. Sauron’s cult worship is at its height. His secret police arrest an important underground leader of the Faithful scant days before they’re supposed to board one of Elendil’s ships. They must rescue him or her from jail and get their endangered people onto the ship before Sauron kills the underground leader, for the faithful won’t sail without him or her.
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