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Originally Posted by Eönwë View Post
Mostly good: Lottie, Lommy, Kath, Brinn
Mixed: Greenie
Bad: Boro, Rune

Boro and Rune I already suspect, but I think moving forward it would be worth looking at Greenie more closely.
Interesting...well looking at your votes:

Day 1: Urwen
Day 2: Huey
Day 3: sally
Day 4: Boro
Day 5: Rune
Day 6: Ka

2 confirmed wolves, 2 confirmed innocents, 2 unknowns.

I don't give you credit for The Ka. That was an even more straight forward, organized lynch than Lhuna's. It's more possible wolf-on-wolf voting than anything else we've seen.

With that, I don't give you blame for sally, as everyone assumed wrong when she revealed.

You spent a lot of time yesterday assuming my guilt (after chastising me for doing the same thing earlier) and trying to steer us away from lynching a confirmed wolf, when in the end you voted for Ka, but at a time when it didn't matter

Aside from Huey, your voting is highly suspicious.

Two more wolves. It's gotta be Eonwe, and I'm almost positive the other one is Brinn. I don't want to go around counting any chickens, but I think we're in a good position here.~Lottie
I have a bit of pause here...The Ka's lynch was even more orderly than Lhuna's. The QT gave us Brinn, and we stuck with Shasta's suspicions. I don't think the 2 wolves would be giving up that easily if it was this simple. I think the clear choice of 1 wolf is Eonwe at the moment, but not entirely convinced Brinn is the last.

It could be Rune who has also been sending out seer clues for a few days and perhaps it's an Eonwe/Rune as the last 2. Rune going against Eonwe, and vice versa is their tactic to distance themselves and look favorably to us. I believe, 2 innocents lynched and that's all the wolves need. I pause with assuming Eonwe/Brinn, because yesterday's lynch of Ka looked too simple.

I don't even know if it matters, since the QT appears to like to toy with our votes more than the infectors...but for posterity.

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