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Very quiet here - and I'm not surprised. I spent last night playing computer games instead of ww because I was like "eh nothing big happening in there toDay, Shasta the seer is dead and we're gonna lynch Eönwe and nobody can be probably motivated to do much analysis about anything".


Excellent job, Shasta, I now forgive you for your previous lack of psychic brilliance in this game

Because let's not pretend (I mean I understand why Eönwë is pretending but the rest of us shouldn't) this was about anything else than Shasta's all-but-seer-reveal yesterDay:

Originally Posted by Shasta

It's fine to go for Eonwe here too. Don't vote Lottie or Greenie.
Why would the wolves have gone for him if he wasn't right?

I don't see a single reason.

They must be frantic that the seer is alive and could condemn them all. They can't afford to start framing people.

Ergo, I'm 99.9% sure Eönwë is a wolf and Lottie and Greenie are innocent. I was pretty certain of that yesterDay anyway, but I would very much like to thank Shasta for confirming it for us.

The question remains, who is the last wolf? I'm afraid I can't bring myself to dig too deep into the question right now because it's a pressing question only toMorrow AND my work might be wasted by a seer reveal anyhow, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'm still thinking Brinn, it makes the most sense. But I guess Kath and Boro are still theoretically on the table too.

I am going to vote Eönwë probably no matter what (sorry Eönwë if you feel obloged to respond to this, I meant what I said yesterDay that it would have been perhaps nicer to lynch you yesterDay because Ka might have been chill enough to give up toDay while you obviously aren't *pats wolvish head*) but it feels a little wrong to do it this early. I'll be back but yeah, like I said, probably won't post that much toDay because Shasta did all the work for us... (And given how long this game is, maybe it's nice to have on chill Day in the middle, in case hunting the last wolf will still become a big drama.)
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