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Originally Posted by Greenie
As for toMorrow - Kath, would you like to go back as Ghost yourself and tell them about Boro and Pitch? Or does someone else want to do it?
I think it would be very fitting for the Seer to return as our final Ghost, but I'm not sure what Kath's timings are like? I think we need a Ghost-drop right after DL, because otherwise an innocent Morsul could pull an early-day Pitch vote again and throw everything to the winds.

I wonder who we'll see toMorrow... objectively the last wolf should kill Soriman, because a Known Innocent in the final 4 is a terrible thing. But when that innocent has such a low post-count, and has in fact missed two votes, it might be better to instead target someone you think is likely to out you/someone to misdirect suspicion.

It would be hilarious if Wolflomien killed Morsordo to try and get people to vote Innopitch.


I scribbled some notes in the haze of yesterDay evening, and it looks like I found Lommy's interactions with the Ghost somewhat suspect.

Originally Posted by Lommy #445
I don't understand Hui's posting.


I would like to know how they're sure they know, but I guess I'll just have to take a leap of faith.
Originally Posted by Lommy #458
Yes, I agree toDay's messages have been clear.


Or does it mean he is not hostile to me or Morsul (since we're the ones with Sindarin usernames) and the dead think we're all innocent? Or even know something?
1) The second post flatly contradicts the opening of the first on whether she could understand my posts.

2) In the first, she tried to tempt me into explaining how we know Soriman is innocent. That would be a great way to get a confusing Ghost post that she could use to sow more confusion in the camp.

3) Seeing a quote that says 'innocent' in the middle, and trying to parse a mention of Elves as being specifically about the players with Sindarin names is just... well, a huge stretch, and I don't think very likely to do in good faith. Looking at my opening posts and thinking I'd throw in two more Known Innocents ("or even know something?") in an incredibly oblique couple of words is... nah.

Of course, I also scribbled about Lommy and Pitch working together to get Boro and Legate to turn on each other or Morsul, so that's the value of my thoughts.

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