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Originally Posted by Formendacil View Post
Well, Hui looks like he's having fun--and he's got some excellent texts. Almost too excellent. To my mind, he's conveying the information extemely well.

Not that I necessarily want to make a tough job tougher, but... it might be worth considering for future iterations, if we want to keep upping the difficulty level, so as not to have "set texts," that a Ghost can only use a quote once per game--i.e. no repeating that extremely useful "Innocent" quote from UT.

A suggestion for the future--not now!
I absolutely agree with this, and have in fact named my file of quotes/posts "Breaking the Ghost over My Knee". This is why I argued for some limits on the role - cutting it down to one quote per post or giving a posts-per-day/posts-per-hour limit would seriously reduce the ability to do this sort of thing. No reusing quotes is also good (and would make it very hard to say "innocent" reliably, or to talk about "Iluvatar" very much).

The biggest realisation I had was that I could bracket multiple name-quotes with repeats of the information about them. It's very hard to misunderstand "three quotes saying 'pitch' with 'we don't know for sure' on either side". (I was perversely glad not to have to clue Kath, though; that was definitely my weakest prospective post.)

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
Popping in but won't be back til after work. Is Hui allowed to read in here today? Cause Pitch is not a wolf. Dreamt him last Night.
I noticed mention of this last night when I checked in, and it's hilarious. ^_^ There's me trying to come up with ways to explain why we suspect him, and you lot all know he di'n't do it!

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
Still popping sorry! Dreams were:

Night 1 - Greenie - innocent
Night 2 - Sally - wolf
Night 3 - Boro - innocent
Night 4 - Pitch - innocent
Originally Posted by Blind Guardian View Post
In accordance with what was discussed prior to the start of the game, we don't believe that the DT should function as a Seer. Therefore, no one player's role should be given with certainty. Furthermore, as mods, we don't feel it is fair to give free information that can override all the player's actions, as that will invalidate the playing and break the game. This 50/50 scenario is something that should have been foreseen but wasn't, and for next games some sort of caveat should be made for this situation. But for now, please accept our apologies and this infodrop. While redundant, we hope that it will still point out a different perspective to you.

We are aware that you may be upset about this change and we are prepared to listen to any complaints you may have. Therefore, we have prepared a complaint box for your enjoyment. We hope that this is satisfactory.

There have only been 3 wolf-on-wolf votes in the game.
This is entirely fair. Going back for a final Things We Know:

A) This information all used up.

B) This information all used up.

C) This information all used up.

D) The last wolf can be found among Boro, Pitch, Lommy, and Morsul .

E) Soriman is innocent.

F) Boro and Pitch are innocent.

G) Lommy or Morsul is the last Wolf.

H) When not bussing Sally, the wolves all love each other very much. ^_~

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