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Thelian felt uneasy as Arthain lay his hand upon his shoulder, but endured it. He did not wish to cause strife now when Melost had returned. So when the mortal touched Melost, Thelian allowed him to do so and helped him with raising the Elf to his feet. Yet as Melost shook their hands of him, Thelian removed his hold, thinking that Melost desired to walk by himself. He had not expected what happened next, though had he been more perceptive he would have; but his judgement was clouded by his joy.

But when Melost spoke, Thelian realised that something was greatly amiss, and was about to step forward and lay his hands on Melost again, wishing to lead him away from Arthain. But Melost had other plans. Startled by the agility shown by the ill Elf, Thelian watched as Melost leapt at Arthain, taking them all by surprise. Acting on instinct, Thelian rushed forward and restrained Melost, aided by the stranger Khalad. Although he held no great love for Arthain, something told Thelian that it was wrong to slay him like this; and he followed that thought, maintaining his grasp upon Melost even as Arthain spoke. "There shall be no such deaths today," Thelian proclaimed in response to Arthain. In the back of his head, a grim voice whispered to the Elf: "Death is too kind a judgement for you." He shivered slightly, and feared for himself; had his principles and morales been so shattered by this?

Khalad was bewildered at this as he made his way through the bushes to where he found the group assembled. Melost had told him naught of these persons, and he understood not what passed; though it was clear that some reunion took place. Between both friends and foes, it would seem. His bewilderment was not dispelled until Melost jumped at Arthain; although he knew not why the Elf attacked this man, he feared that Melost was not in his right mind and could not judge anything. So he jumped forward, preventing the Elf from accomplishing his deed.

Holding one arm, he looked at Thelian and wondered who he was; apparently someone dear to Melost from what Khalad had seen. And perhaps also someone of authority, Khalad thought, for the vision of Melost drawing his dagger and jumping at Arthain, had reminded him of what Vlad would do to Khalad. Clearing his throat, he spoke to Thelian: "Milord, danger is not over, and death may still come for us. A small band of outlaws are tracking our path, bent on killing not only me but also Melost. They are led by a man with only one eye, and he has another man and a woman with him." Khalad spoke quickly, suddenly fearing that any moment now Vlad would jump out of the bushes, cutting his throat. Thelian nodded to him, and replied: "I shall ensure they are prevented from achieving such a foul deed."

Looking at the young man, Thelian recognised him as a kinsman of Arthain and Dorlas, one of the Númeanoreans, despite the rags he wore. Although he was inclined to distrust him because of Arthain, he knew that he could not base his judgement of a people on one person. And Dorlas had proved to be of another sort. Perhaps I shall trust him, Thelian thought. "I shall ensure they are prevented from achieving such a foul deed."

As Thelian had spoken, he realised that he could not leave Melost alone. Looking around his gaze fell upon Dorlas and decided to give these Númenoreans the ultimate test of trust. "Dorlas," Thelian called softly, "you and this noble stranger will keep Melost in check; he is not himself, do not give him any chance to escape your grasp. I shall seek out my commander and acquire his aid."

When Dorlas had taken his place, Thelian turned around and walked quickly, almost running, until he found the very Elf that had sent him off on patrol. "Sir, I bring tidings. A small group of outlaws are headed this way, with the intention of killing a close servant of Gil-galad. My information comes from one who has escaped their clutches," Thelian said, almost tripping over his own tongue in his rush. He conveniently forgot to mention who the servant was. The commander searched his eyes for a moment, in doubt; but at last he was convinced, and summoned up a group of Elven soldiers. "Thelian, lead them to these outlaws and deal with them. Spare their lives if you can, we may extract useful information from them. Though do not let them escape!" Thelian bowed and exited the tent, followed by the soldiers.
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