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Arthain put a hand on Thelian's shoulder as he looked with concern down at Melost. "Is this truly Melost? Has he returned to us at last, now that the armies are moving? Gil-galad will be most pleased, but...what has happened to him?" He reached down and touched Melost's face. It was hot, as though a fire raged within him. In a near panic now, Arthain stood swiftly. "He can't fight like this, he's burning with fever!" As he struggled to help Thelian raise his friend, suddenly Melost writhed in their arms, and stood free, his chest heaving...eyes cold now and calculating. Taken aback, the others looked on him in confusion as he addressed Arthain.

" beloved friend, my dearest comrade, Beyond all hope I find you once again, before the last. Have you enjoyed your prize? Has she been all you thought she would be?" He began to shake as all the rage and pain of betrayal coalesced into a red-hot flame within him. His voice sank to little more than a whisper, yet the silence was so profound it was as though he were shouting. "You...betrayed me! You, the who are closer than blood to me! You took the woman I loved more than all of Arda. ends!" He leaped for Arthain, drawing his dagger in mid-motion and bore Arthain to the ground. Arthain lay with his arms spread wide, seeing in Melost's eyes his death.

"Do it, Melost! End the sorrow of having to live with the memories!" He looked Melost dead in the eye and saw there the internal conflict...the betrayed and the soul-mate battling one another, then Melost was grabbed from behind and wrenched away from Arthain. To everyone's surprise..they both screamed out..."NO!" Thelian held him back as he fought to free himself, then Khalad joined him."Melost, I don't know what this is all about...but don't do this!" Arthain had risen to his knees, his face a mask of devastation. "Let him is justice that he brings. It is his right." He spoke in the voice of one who sees his death approaching and accepts it openly.
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