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Melost was horrified and disgusted. In that instant he knew he couldn't remain with these humans, not when he had fought with them only to have saved them to continue in their foul ways. The small amount of respect he had developed for Vlad vanished and he moved without thinking. "Hold, Vlad! How can you do this to these people whom you have just..." The it dawned on him. Vlad hadn't saved these villagers, he had merely been protecting his own, then, stalking like a wolf among lambs, he would take that which was most dear to these people.

"Do what you must to these people, outlaw! You disgust me! To think that I once honoured a human..." He snarled as Vlad narrowed his eyes. "Shut your mouth Elf, if you don't want to lose your tongue!" Khalad, meanwhile, watched in sick fascination as Melost drew his knife once again. "I would rather go to Mandos before walking another step by your side!" Before either of them could react, Melost turned and sprinted away from them. He had no idea where he was, or how he would survive...he only knew that he must leave these people.

"Where is the army? Somehow I must exonerate myself by returning to for battle, yet where are they?" Melost thought frantically as he ran. His heart ached from betrayal. It had been natural for him to fight side-by-side with these men, only to discover for what cause he had been fighting. It made him physically sick and he stopped to retch, then wept for himself and what he had become. His memories were scattered, the shadowy image of a comrade he had loved kept brushing his mind and the pain of that touch drove him to his knees. "Ai! Arthain! Why has this happened? Which of the Valar did I offend that this has befallen us?" He cried into the air as his soul writhed within him.

He lifted the dagger in his hand, recalling the beauty of standing with Arthain as Gil-galad's cavalry rode over the fields of Imladris, recalling how much he had loved life...loved.... I will find the armies, I will do this last thing...and then I will go to Mandos...there is nothing left for me here...
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