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Menelmacar climbed higher in the night sky as they went forward. Melost seemed to be tireless now that he had a goal set in his mind. He strode in front, with Vlad and the woman not far behind. Khalad ranged off to his right, even more silent than usual. Melost wondered briefly why the young man from Gondor had gone so quiet for he had enjoyed the fw times they had spoken together. It reminded him of... NO! Melost stumbled as the memory of sitting by the fire-light with a dark-haired Man, pointing up into the star-flung sky and telling him the stories his people had of patterns to be found there. Several times they had been drinking and they had started making up new pictures...not always the most decent and Arthain had been astonished at the Elf's bawdy humour.

The stars became blurry as Melost walked on and despair settled like a cloak about his shoulders, its weight impossibly heavy. He turned his face from his beloved stars and closed his mind to all further thought or feeling. He listened instead to the grumblings of Fid, telling the others how the Elf was going to kill them all at this rate. He smiled grimly to himself, "Nay, my is not you or your companions I wish harm to, but he who took what I cherished beyond my own life." His thoughts stung his soul like whips of ice, as part him cried out that his thoughts were wrong, even insane. He began to chuckle to himself as he dashed the tears from his eyes.

Vlad heard Melost laughly softly to himself and he rolled his eyes at Jaheira. "Just what we needed, a mad Elf. Perfect!" She narrowed her eyes at him and snapped back. "You see? I toldyou he was trouble, but you never listen! He's going to be the death of us, you wait and see. I can't wait to say I told you so!" With that she ducked a way from Vlad who had tried to grab her arms and went to walk beside Khalad just to irritate him.
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