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I agree to both changes, the one in RD-EX-40 ‘thou has asked for’ => ‘thou hast asked for’ and the one in RD-EX-39 concerning the scanty treasure of Nargothrond. (Actually I think we discussed that one before and the reinstallation was a mistake of mine during the editing of the new passage.)

Posted by gondowe:
But, taking that CT reaffirms, in 2017, that solution taken in SIL77, I don’t know if we are correct. I mean that possibly CANON Sil77 is fixed by CT NOW.
Christopher Tolkien has made very clear that we will never see a substantially updated ‘Silmarillion’ from him. If that makes Sil77 to canon, than most of our work is void and useless.
That said, I can nonetheless see your argument. But I don’t see it in that way:
For me the note in BL is rather a ‘justification’ than a ‘reaffirmation’ for the version in Sil77. A reaffirmation or even confirmation would have been if Christopher Tolkien would have included the note with the Nauglamír made in Nargothrond and so on, as a component of the story as reconstructed in BL. But that is exactly what he didn’t. He rather follows his own suggestion how his father would have handled the story, that he uttered in HoME XI as far as the existing texts allow.
But alas, it is a rather complex matter. In BL Christopher Tolkien does not use (as we do in our version or he does in HoME and Sil77) short notes to reconstruct the story. The components used in BL are rather long excerpts of full texts that are minimally edited.
So some doubts remain, but I still think we have strong and just arguments for the version we created.

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