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An Inkling of an Idea:

from Fordim Hedgethistle

Here's one that I bet never gets past muster (or is that passed mustard?)

It is 1916 of the Seventh Age and war is once more raging. This time it is Germany and her allies fighting against the French and the British for control of Europe. A young British officer called "Tollers" by his friends has been sent into the maelstrom.

During a horrific battle he is separated from his company and seeks shelter in a cave where he meets a strange race of beings who claim to be immortal Elves. They say that they have brought Tollers to them to help them against a terrible foe, for they are not the only creatures of the ancient world to survive. . . A demon of the ancient world, cloaked in darkness and made of fire and shadow, has arisen and threatens their existence. They reveal to Tollers that he is the very last descendent of an ancient race of Men, allied to the Elves through marriage in the depths of time, and he alone holds the key to destroying the monster forever. . .

Sorry -- I simply could not resist!

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