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Originally Posted by High Queen Galadriel
Its a matter of whos ready/
How does one become ready to leave the Halls of Waiting? And further more, be ready for what? The everyday task of simply living? Since they have left 'Man' in charge(?!), Valinor seems 'task' free.

Glorfindel - What do you think it was like for elves (after they were killed)living in Mandos? I mean I always look at Mandos the Valar as being pretty creepy. Not really the kind of guy I would want to be spending a couple of ages at his place if you know what I mean.
I always tried to 'not' compare it with legends like Hades or Hades Empire or in Christian (and other) earlier beliefs, Kabbalah and Purgatory (not quite hell, but more like waiting rooms). Souls wandering aimlessly around? Searching for any opportunity to emerge, once more into a physical body. I see The Halls of Mandos as mere enlightenment. A sort or pit stop on your journey through the valleys of enternity.

Must be a nice thought. To actually know where you're going.
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