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Urwen, I understand your points and your concerns, but, quite frankly, this is not the place to voice them: it's a discussion thread for an RPG. Everyone who is posting here is doing so out of a commitment to this particular game, a commitment of their own volition, and they constitute a minority of the members on this board--even the active ones.

Please consider other factors that may be contributing to the sleepiness in other areas of the discussion forum: for example, the fact that in many schools this is a busy time of year for both students and teachers.

If you'd like to discuss the effect that roleplaying is having on the rest of the forum, might I suggest the "A Measure of Success" thread?

Otherwise, please don't post on this thread unless you have something to say about this particular game, The King's Players, and not the time commitments of the people who are writing it. Take it to a different thread, or take it to PM.
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