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A dim figure, small and unobtrusive, cloaked so close about that he was hardly visible, sate in the corner quietly sipping a fine mug of ale. Pulling the pipe from his mouth and blowing out a magnificent ring he raised the smoking instrument above his head as though in salute, or acknowledgement.

"To friends long ignored," he said, "but often in my thoughts."

Dropping the hand which had held the pipe aloft to the table, he busied himself with knocking out the ash and cleaning the instrument before putting it away. Then taking up his mug he sipped another contemplative sip of ale before putting it back in its place too, then assumed an air of one about to speak wisdom. The gathered dignitaries fell silent, and into that great quiet expectancy the figure spoke one last time:

"In days such as these, we must needs all remember: be kind to one another, for there's more good in the world than evil, and faith in that -- though long in being rewarded -- is sure." And so saying he fell silent, and those who listened thought that he was done. But just as they turned away, from the dark corner the voice added: "And floss. Always remember to floss."
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