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Snowdog has just left Hobbiton.

"Gah! Leave it to me to be late to the party. I was yet again off rangering and maybe got a little pre-loaded at the inn over on another board."

I walk over to see if there is any ale left to be had. "I did catch your words there Mith... many have come and many have gone. Like you I remembered searching out the webz for the boards in 1999 & 2000, and remember coming to Barrow Downs when it was on EZ Boards using my global account. I never seemed to stay long in one place and I think I could guess which boards you mean by your descriptions."

Snowdog turned and saw that Estelyn was tapping a frothy mug of the finest ale from the Shire, brewed by that Hobbit masterbrewer Harry Largebarrell of Oatbarton in the North Farthing. Rumour had it he made both the Green Dragon house ale and the deep amber of the East Farthing sold at The Golden Perch.

"Woo! Some ale remains! Thanks much for the tankard!" The rather unkempt ranger took a long draw from the flagon and set it down. "Yes... i likely have spanned all yhose eras that Mithedan mentioned, but being I managed to accumulate five hundred some posts in that time, one can see I was elsewhere much of the time. My early years were spent on The One Ring dot com, but after a couple years I managed to get banned mainly due to marriage-politics. Then the White City was a place I was a regular until it become a ghost of itself.

Anyway, always loved The Barrow Downs as it was where true Tolkien types were, being the Barrow Downs weren't in the PJ fanfix. I just yesterday re-discovered my Barrow Downs t-shirt, along with my Minas Tirith t-shirt and Tolkien Forums t-shirt. I had a Barrow Downs mug for a number of years but lost it somewhere in a move.

What a list Mithadan! I met Lush here and still stay in touch with her and her journalistic work! I recognise a couple other names there as well. Nice party!"

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