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It was Bird who spoke up. “You know, I wanted to tell you a while ago that I was thinking about traveling down south myself.” She tapped Pio on the knee. “Don’t know if you recall, but I think I told you that there was some talk from the ones who fostered me that my people come from down there. Bird pursed her lips in thought. “I know hardly anything about my real kin,” she said quietly, her voice trailing off.

“Yes, I do remember.” Pio shifted her chair closer to her friend. “Look... I’ve had a letter from a friend in Far Harad. His family, and his clan, I should say, live there. He’s wanting me to come down. Something he wants to show me.’ She gave Bird a weighed look. “And,” Pio went on, “he asked if I’d seen you… and would you come, too.”

Bird leaned back in her chair, narrowing her eyes at the Elf. “Just how does this this fellow know my name?” She bent forward, close to Pio’s face, and spoke in a low, clear voice. “And, in particular, why does he think I’d be interested?”

Pio thought how she might put the answers in a good light. But then, this was her old companion – no need to present things other than just plainly. “Well, it’s like this, Bird… he’s a skin-changer, from a Maenwaith clan. I told him a little about you - the we were good friends. I shared some of your background. I asked if he could fill in some of the blanks for you. I was going down to see what’s what.”

“Going - without me?” Bird interjected.

“By the One, Bird! Not by choice! Hadn’t heard from you in years. Didn’t know where you were. Or how to reach you.” Pio laughed and shook her head. “As a last resort, I even tried ósanwe – but we were never good at that, were we?” Bird snorted and shook her head, ‘no’.

A momentary silence fell between the two companions, broken at last by the impetuous Elf.

“Soooo… how about I just throw this out there. Come along with me! It’ll be like old times.” Pio winked at her friend. “It’ll be fun!”
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