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The poem had come to an end – the device from which it had played became silent. Bird leaned her cheek against her hand, her arm resting on the table top. “Nice. Very nice,” she murmured. “Wasn’t it, Pio?” There was no immediate answer from her friend; the Elf looked faraway – lost in some long ago memories. Bird nudged her with her free hand.

Pio rubbed her hands together softly and came back slowly to the present. “Yes, very nice,” was her brief reply. She turned her attention to Arry. “Did Vin say anything else, Arry?”

Before Arry could answer, there was a loud slurrrrrp... followed by a softer burp. Angara lifted her snout from the now empty glass of green liquid, a thin mustache of whipped topping gracing her upper lip. “Say, Arry do you think you might find me another of these? And ask them to give it a generous shake of those gold sprinkles.” She looked about the table as her companions fixed her with doubtful stares. “What?” She sat back on her haunches and huffed a bit. “It’s a party, isn’t it?” Angara let out a long, satisfied sounding sigh. "Have not been to one in a very long time."
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