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rim II

rim I is avenged! After finding Gorlim's terrible hat yesterday, I cornered the man himself on DL 45 and stabbed him to death with my trident. From his hand fell the Ring of Barahir, which I think is the first artefact Ring I've found. It offers +1 to all my stats as well as resistance to poison (and Dark), so it's a perfect replacement for my Resist Poison ring.

rim is finally decked out in decent artefacts: as well as her trident and Phial, she has a Short Bow of Amras, Chain Mail of Caspanion (no, I don't know either), and helm Holhenneth. She could still do with a decent artefact cloak (I've found Thorongil's, but it isn't great) and a good necklace, but otherwise we're good.

I'm about to make my third attempt to get through DL 46. Last time, I ran into a pit of Dracolisks, of which I've killed one, ever; then teleported away into a large room filled with gravity hounds and Kavlax the Many-Headed. That led to me being slowed and heavily stunned; I had to chug healing potions until my remaining speed gave me time to try a teleport spell (at 30% failure rate) and still have time to recover if it didn't work.

The uniques are getting nasty. Kavlax breathes nexus and sound, neither of which I currently resist, chopping off half my health with each breath. I also ran into the Phoenix, which breathes plasma for the same damage. In contrast, Ar-Pharazon (theoretically higher-level than either of them) was a pushover: I just slowed him, hasted rim, and stabbed him until he died.

Current wishlist: I want more resistances. Having nexus back would be nice (it was on an old armour), and I know I'm going to hit Death Drakes soon who will try to kill me with Nether. I'd also like protection from stunning: I have protection from Confusion on my armour and helmet, but stunning would mean I can always teleport out rather than risking the spell failing. (The other protections are blindness - covered for ages - and fear, which... eh, it just means I can't kill stuff, I can still get away.) Also, I'd love Hold Life, so vampires don't keep draining my XP!

(Two things I no longer need are Feather Falling and Trap Immunity. rim can see and disarm all traps with 100% success - who needs a special trait to keep from falling down pits?)

Right, off to brave Level 46 again and see if I can get down further.


EDIT: Kavlax and the Phoenix both showed up on DL 46, and I was able to isolate and kill them both. Picked up a very nice Staff of Speed along the way; until my recharging spell fails and blows it up, I can run at +27 speed whenever I need to.

... then I ran into a Nexus vortex (while fighting a Feanorian raider). Its first breath took me 3/4 of the way to dead; its second teleported me back up to DL 45. XD Time for a fourth attempt...! ~hS
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