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Originally Posted by Blind Guardian View Post
I've been lurking quite a bit, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm also invested in your game and I love your drawings!

Poor Lupa!
Thank you! I'm glad people are enjoying it. ^_^

Like most of them, Lupa pretty much brought it on herself - the Death Drake was marked in red, which meant it was further up in the dungeon than it should be. She (or I) ought to have known that it could probably do some serious damage. But we live and learn, and that will not happen again.

Morwen is down on dungeon level 7 right now, looking for the "something worthwhile" the level feeling told her about and hoping it's not just the poisoned war hammer she's already picked up. Her spellcasting is quite limited - she has Nether Bolt (her primary attack; secondary is her sling), Sense Invisible, Create Darkness, Bat Form (faster, with better senses, but weaker), and Read Minds (ie, Detect Thinking Creatures). Create Darkness is more useful than it sounds - there's nothing really weak to Dark in the game, but as a Necromancer, Morwen has the Unlight ability. Her spells have a high failure rate if she tries to cast them in the light, so she needs to darken rooms before going on the offensive.

Of course, until her night-vision improves, this does mean she can barely see her hand in front of her face. She had to retreat hastily on her first dive when she ran into a rapidly-breeding pile of worms and couldn't tell how out-of-control they were until it was too late.

She also has two slots for new spells; next time she goes up to town, she'll pick up a new spellbook and see what damage she can do.

EDIT: So it wasn't the hammer - it was a scroll of *Destruction*, dozens of levels above where it should be, which she just incautiously read and blew up most of the level. Ah well, she was done there anyway!

(Scrolls, like practically everything else, are unidentified at first. She picked it up as a "Scroll titled 'extor temo'". They're randomised every game, too, so the only way to find out what a scroll or potion does is to either read/drink it, or sell it to a shop.)

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