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While making a post on the Finduilas vs Doom thread, a certain thought occurred to me which I think is better fitted for this thread - without necessarily cracking the cycle of internal vs external workings of the Curse. I thought - even Turin's good deeds like sparing Mim (and not just good-intentioned but poorly-chosen ones), turn to bite him at some later time. And then I thought - there is just an awful lot of bad luck for all people who go near him, even those only tangentially involved. I always had a soft spot for Hunthor - we don't know much of him, but he seems to be a fairly neutral party in the story until he volunteers to go with Turin to fight Glaurung. He steps up to Brandir's defense, and seems very fair and rational-minded, and is clearly brave and responsible and dependable and a bunch of other good qualities. He goes with Turin, and dies because of a stupid rock. Is that a surprise? Not really - they went on a dangerous mission where they could have all died a dozen times. But it's like - if someone good can stand by Turin's side uncorrupted by arrogance or greed or cruelty or any other vice, and exerts a good influence on Turin, and cannot be used to further his doom through these vices - then they have to be removed with an "accident" (quotation marks deliberate). Beleg. Hunthor. I am not sure if Gwindor truly counts, that love triangle is a bit too complicated to tackle. I was unfortunately interrupted while writing this and forgot my bright idea and where I was going with this in relation to the Curse. But one does wonder - how much is accident, and how much is "accident", and if the latter, by what means is it brought about. There is nothing - nothing - that the man touched which did not break. It's just a bit too much bad luck to be discounted as your average badluckiness.

Actually, no - there is one group of people that were involved with the family and with Turin directly which did not end horrifically: Mablung and his company. What happened in Doriath is questionable, being under the shield of Melian's Girdle, but Mablung interacts with both Turin and Morwen and Nienor outside of Doriath too and somehow survives without witnessing his life crumbling around him. Is that somehow significant?

I'm sorry, I'm rambling. This started off as a thought but I soon forgot where I was going with it, and now it's just unraveled into snippets of component thoughtlings.
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