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Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
One would take that to mean that all modern scholars, exemplum Kennedy, reject both parts of the thesis as you cited it from CRT: (a) that Book II was written first, and (b) that it was derived from the AMA. If you only intended to refute (a), you could have been more clear about it.
I intended to indicate that Christopher Tolkien’s Fall of Arthur was the only modern book I have read that gave any credence to the theory that Malory wrote Book II before any other surviving Arthurian work, which you are correct is one of the main points of Kennedy’s essay. I also intended to indicate that Vinaver’s theory that Malory’s Le Morte dArthur was intended to be read as separate and unconnected tales was equally unsupported today.

I did not mention at all the theory that Book II of Malory’s Le Morte dArthur was primarily based on the Alliterative Morte Arthure but know of no-one who has ever questioned it and so saw no reason to bring the matter up.

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