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Tragic flaw of the Hurin family

I love the Children of Hurin.

But one thing bothers me.

It is supposed to be the very WILL of Morgoth, and the power therein, to spoil everything within Hurin's family. Chris Tolkien made a comment about how since Morgoth is actually the source of evil, the source of ill-intent, he can CREATE those things, then why is it that all of the terrible things that happened with Turin, his sister and Morwen come from their pride?

Each character has many chances to avoid a major calamity, and they always choose the direction paved by their own arrogance or willfulness or spite.

Are these characteristics not WITHIN them? I almost feel like their downfall was more because of their pride... and less of Morgoth's will. Unless their over-pride WAS his will, which is kind of a stretch.
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