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Some long overdue recordings

I finally recorded Dream... after like a million takes of still not being happy, here's what made me least dissatisfied: Luthien's part. Then I sang Beren too, because I like the song - and that made me remember a couple things I have blissfully forgotten. Firstly, singing from memory, I totally forgot Beren's new Purpose line, and screwed up his words in the end a little. Goot thing we didn't have to reconstruct the Zong from memory. Secondly, I am rubbish at being consistent with the start of the phrases. I don't even match to myself. I wanted to sing along to your recording so that we would match beats and it wouldn't sound horribly off-synch, but now it's gone into the Google Void. Also, I was gonna play around with the harmonies and make sure that it sounds clean, because the worst thing you can do in a song is attempted but failed harmony. Do you still happen to have your recording saved somewhere?

Next up: Sons of Feanor. All the parts, and Luthien alone. As always, I am not really happy with it, but I suspect I'll never be - so here is what is, until one day I might redo the lot of it. (And I think I also don't remember the Feanorians' words that well either, now that I've looked at our Libretto again... I should stop doing this "sing by memory cause of course I know it!" thing)
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