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"I...see it too." Snyd finished, looking at Jaheira earnestly. At first Jaheira thought he was just blabbering on again, but there was something in his eyes, though Jaheira felt too foolish to point it out. Jaheira had rarely heard that tone with Snyd, and it had been so long, she’d forgotten what it meant. Maybe he really did see it too; maybe he really felt the same way. For a split second this disgusted Jaheira, having the same thoughts as Snyd. Then she was relieved, for she was not alone. Then Vlad motioned for the outlaws to move down to the small circle of huts.

…And Jaheira was alone again as Snyd ran off like a giddy little child.

She sighed, grasping her lock picks and an emptied satchel. Jaheira realized that she probably wouldn’t use her lock picking tools anyway. The men would probably crash boisterously through the homes, only asking for her services if a smaller body were needed or a locked box of some sort needed to be cracked safely in case of fragile contents. That was how it usually happened, after all. In any case, Jaheira hoped for one of the homes to have some sort of medical supply, for she was quickly running out of wrappings and potions.

Following the other outlaws and one elf at the end of the line, Jaheira almost got caught up in the anticipation and excitement of a raid, a feeling that had long since been lost to time. Of course, Jaheira quickly squandered this feeling as they neared the houses. There were only six of them, and two of them looked to only have one room. The windows were left confidently open to let a breeze flow through the homes, and candles were lit either on the windowsill or near enough to create an emanating glow through the opening.

“Fools,” Snyd scoffed as they neared the biggest home, which was only a few rooms and a small shed anyway. He looked at the open windows and grinned. “They’re just begging for a raid, begging for things to be stolen.” Jaheira smiled grimly. At least someone is having fun, she thought, watching as Snyd waited for some form of confirmation from Vlad. Looking for the Elf, Jaheira noted that he was trying to hide his intense distaste for what the outlaws were about to do. Jaheira’s smile grew and she finally decided that this raid might be enjoyable after all.
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