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An Inkling of an Idea:

from Orual


The year is 2002 (Third Age), and Earnil is king of Gondor. He and his son, Earnur, have had confrontations with the Ringwraiths, and Earnur has earned the chief hatred of the Witch-king. Minas Ithil is weakening, and it is up to the soldiers at the tower to save Gondor's first line of defence against Mordor from the Ringwraiths.

It would be the defense of Minas Ithil, ending in its fall. I know most games end happily, but this one would definitely not. In the Chronology, it lists 2002 TA as the year that Minas Ithil fell and soon after it became Minas Morgul. It was nearly thirty years earlier that Earnur and Earnil had their main battles with the Nazgul, but the fact that the Witch-King really, really didn't like Earnur, I think, had something to do with the fall of the tower.

Plus players who like bad characters would get to be Nazgul! Awesome...

(For more historical background, consult Appendix B and the Chronology in the back of RotK.)

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