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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Another flyby link drop... I was gonna work on animating Sons tonight, but then remembered that we were still missing a link for Minions. A dig through the last conversation we had about it, several mishaps with missized animation sequences, and I think this is what we wanted it to look like:

13 - Sauron's Minions, current version.

Oh, I also got the subtitles onto Dream (and indeed this Minions), so yeah, a good evening.


Oh, that is awesome! Aaaaahhh, the cute gollums! And I dunno if it's my bad earphones actually coming in handy at last, or we did a good job with the scripted dissonance, but it sounds properly musically improper. Your Sauron is fabulous as usual. Dude is creepy. Not one you want to be displeased - or bored - when you're around.

I've been sorta slacking, I've been distracted by an exciting part in Dawn which I binge-translated over the last few weeks, at the cost of no new Zong music. I have sketches for a couple of the remaining pieces but no music. Here's the Hate sketch. I think the male parts are in their usual register, but worth a check. Melian might be a tad high for me, but I'm willing to give it a try, if the other parts work well - yea or nay? Might have to drop it down a smidge after it's done if I just can't hit the high part. Also, I noticed that V1 does a whole bunch more shenanigans with the end of Hate, mainly Melian repeating "what madness" an extra round of times, but also she sings the melody slightly differently - another trick I might resort to if I can't get the high note. Do you have any thoughts about how we'd want to make the ending for this piece?
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