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This seems like the best place to put this...

Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles something-I-can't-remember met every Tuesday to read their writing at the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford. they called themselves the Inklings. Everyone on the same page? Great.
Alright. While in Oxford, I went there, and heard this story told by the landlord, who heard it from the landlady who owned the Eagle and Child in the days of the Inklings, and who is still alive.
The Story:
C.S. Lewis is sitting down. Tolkien comes in with some papers under his arm. C.S. Lewis looks up innocently and says to him, "Oh no, not another story about elves!"
More of a Lewis story than a Tolkien story, I'll admit, but too good to waste.
Look my friends, here's a pretty Hobbit skin to wrap an Elven princeling in!
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