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Originally Posted by KarlPeredhel View Post
Also, how (if at all) do you differentiate between a nerd and a geek? I've always been called a Tolkien nerd.
Geek is more fun to say. Geeeeeeeeek!

But good point. I don't know. I think "geek" is a term of more general interest - "nerd" is more about factual knowledge, while "geek" can encompass activities, actions, posters, habits, etc. Being a nerd overlaps with being a geek.

To add to my list, as a A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones Show geek I modified the expression "stinks to high heaven" into "sucks to seven hells", which I actually use as a part of my daily vocabulary.

You know you're a math geek when you start doodling math puns or deriving formulas on the margins of your notebook. (When going over my old history notebook, I found three pages at the back filled with a repeated derivation of the quadratic formula).

You're also a math geek when you want to one day write a math textbook and call it "Calculus Without Limits". (Well, one of my French books was called French Without Borders,and there's a student organization on this side of the pond called Engineers Without Borders. I don't see why a book or a club or something can't be named Calculus Without Limits. )

EDIT: Oh! And another Game of Thrones one. When you nickname a small enclosure on your uni campus with a few trees in it "the Godswood", and the word Godswood has to be said in a Sansa Stark accent, as she speaks in the show.
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