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The dwarves were alive before they were put asleep. "and the Dwarves shrank from the hammer and were afraid, and they bowed down their heads and begged for mercy." page 41, The Silmarillion. If you are going to allow Tom Bombadil, then he would have to be the oldest. He says that he was there before the trees and the first raindrop. That last part is a pretty serious statement. I take it to mean that he was there before Manwe and Ulmo got together to invent rain. That's old. He also says that he was there before the dark one came from the outside (paraphrase). This statement does not make clear weather he means before Melkor came the first time or after his three age imprisiment, but that is a discussion for another thread. Thanks.
"Shall we mourn here deedless for ever, a shadow folk, mist-haunting, dropping vain tears in the thankless sea?" Feanor at Tirion upon Tuna
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