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Not my region of the forum (I haven't the patience!), but I wanted to drop in and mention that NoME might also change your conclusions on Maelor: 3.VII Manwe's Ban uses that form of the name, and is written on papers from 1970. It's also linked by CH to PoME XII.1 Glorfindel II, which CT implies dates from late 1972.

The timeline of the Maelor texts would thus be:

-1955+: The Lay of Leithian Recommenced. Both Maglor & Maelor as written, the latter ultimately being preferred
-1958+: Late change to Later Quenta Silmarillion 2. Maglor > Maelor
-1966+: Return of the King note. Maelor
-1968+: Shibboleth of Feanor [1 footnote + VT41 'Sindarizing']. Maglor
-1972: Manwe's Ban. Maelor

Galin noted back in 2011 that CT implies the story of Amrod being burnt only arose during the writing of the Shibboleth; as the RotK note makes mention of that story, it would seem to be post-Shibboleth.

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