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Hi there. I already finished reading it days ago and it is clear that from parts II and III there is a lot of material that can be inserted in addition to what is already known.
But my main problem is how to handle the new chronology and make it consistent with the text. To begin with, it is clear that Tolkien always thought and wanted the three ambassadors to be First Born. But in the new concept he realized that it did not work and that is why he created the Cuivienyarna. So in principle I am tempted to incorporate the alternative version that the ambassadors were I, T and E with I, F and E. That way one could keep the descriptions of the Awakening that Manw is told in the LT (something desirable).
And then this is if it is better to set the awakening at VY850 or 1000 or 1050.
Then in my opinion I believe that the Flat World should be maintained and the Awakening of Men with the first sunrise. Other things to consider modifying would be the date of birth of Galadriel, Maeglin, ... Finduilas and Gilgalad (but Orodreth !!!!).

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