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Ah, gondowe, nice to read from you again!

Of course your chapter structure generates some questions:
What is the Content of '-Of the Orkor in your Silmarillion?
How did avoid simple repeation of text passages when you include both, the short chapters in the Silamrillion and the end of the Atanatarion which foresure is constructed from the same material?
Should not 'Of the Dwarves and their relations with Men' come earlier? I think that what is in there is from Of Dwraves and Men. If so it refers to the time before the Fall of Eregion. But then it tells so at the end, so yes, probably structur works best in that way.

Posted by Arvegil145:
with some polishing it could be the DEFINITIVE outline
At least not for this project. Some of the titles are re-translations as it seems (which could be amended by providing the original) any many are made up. Thus it does not fit to the rules that this project has given it self.


P.S.: Arvegil145 please restirct your quoting to what is necessary as a reference to what you to comment on. Nobody will read through gondowe's structure a second time only because you reposted it.
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