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Narn en-Źl egor Narn e·Dant Gondolin ar orthad en-Źl

1 The birth and fostering of Tuor
2 The call of Ulmo
3 The arriving at Vinyamar
4 The speech of Tuor and Ulmo
5 Voronwė
6 The quest of Gondolin
7 The hidden pass
8 The arriving at Gondolin
9 Tuor in Gondolin and the birth of the New Star
10 The Treason of Maeglin
11 The Fall of Gondolin
12 The Flight of the exiles
13 The song of Tuor in Nan-tathen
14 The Departure of Tuor and Idril and the voyages of Eärendil
15 The attack of the sons of Fėanor and the Third Kin-slaying
16 The Great Voyage of Eärendil and the raising of the Star

Where did you find those chapters? Or did you make it up? I have also found a need to insert sub-chapters into "Tuor" - after all the story is 35,000 words long, and it looks ridiculous to have such a substantial chapter with no headings at all.
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