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Originally Posted by piosenniel
The Book of Ballads – illustrated by Charles Vess
  • Intro by Terry Windling on the history of ballads; 13 old ballads in the English, Scottish, and Irish tradition presented in their original lyrics, and then “reimagined in sequential-art form" by various fantasy writers and Charles Vess’ drawings. ‘The False Knight on the Road’ – Neil Gaiman; ‘Barbara Allen- - Midori Snyder; ‘Tam-Lin’ – Elaine Lee; ‘Twa Corbies’ – Charles de Lint; and many more delights.
Hmmmmm, I seem to recall I have a small collection of those comics downstairs. I don't know if I have the nerve to look through all of them at the moment though, for it will surely imply 'cleaning'. I never really knew what they were, just some cool artwork and ended up buying them and then forgetting all about it.
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