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Originally Posted by Bthberry
1. William Gibson, Pattern Recognition. Neuromancer was a blast out of this galaxy with its incredible feat of imagination so why not sign on for another trip.
Although I'm not a fan of most cyberpunk novels (Neuromancer/Cryptonomicon), I do respect Gibson's writing style and career. I have to admit though, that after meeting him at a signing, his name has now become a foul taste upon my tongue. 'Pattern Recognition' is still sitting on its proper spot on my shelf, unread, collecting dust. But at least his autograph is still intact.

I should probably try to finish the 'Sprawl trilogy'. The mans(Gibson) great, no matter what I think of him.

Originally Posted by Balin999
To keep it short, any books written by Terry Pratchet.
I've only read a few from his Disc World Series, earlier works. Enjoyable, but not as witty as I imagined. But very creative. My favorite would be his collaberation with Neal Gaimen in Good Omens.

And, you can never go wrong with a good comic!
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