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I will try to respond to both Fin and Arcus:

[Airships]: I hadn't even considered the idea that the passage is referring to a period after the third age but before our modern discovery of flight. You guys are right, this passage could refer to that time period. I suppose this passage doesn't break any of the rules set forth for the project, and I don't have any other objections to it, so I vote we keep it.

1) Got it.

2) The word "became" would work if we had already been introduced to the character, I think "was" works best.

3) OK, I agree.

4) I agree, I like Fin's recommendation too.

6) I think this rule makes sense.

7) Re-reading it, I think it does work, I vote we keep it.

Arcus, no problem! You guys have done the vast majority of the heavy lifting, I think you've done an admirable job combining so many disparate sources into something coherent.
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