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BY-HL-16: I agree to ArcusCalions argument. So we will change the title.

AK-HA-01: Okay, I forgot to mention the things that I did not develop back to the original text. But in this case their was only a remark about an earlier version.

AK-HA-03: As far as I remember, one king was by accident left out of the Appendix A of LotR and Christopher felt bound to this.

AK-SL-02: Agreed.

AK-SL-04: Agreed.

AK-SL-05: Agreed.

AK-SL-06: Agreed. So I like to edit it by splitting the insert and not inserting part of the deleted text.

AK-SL-07: I wanted the reasoning be named. So what about this:
The Elendili alone were not subservient to him, or dared to speak against his wishes, and it became well-known to all in that time that Amandil the Lord of Andúnië was head of their party though not openly declared. Therefore Ar-Pharazon persecuted the Faithful, stripping them of any wealth that they had, and he deprived the heirs of Valandil of their lordshipAK-SL-07b<HoME 12; The History of the Akallabêth; Note on the marriage of Míriel and Pharazôns; text d since they had aided Tar-Palantir and supported his daughter.>. Andunie he took then and made it a chief haven for the king's ship-building, and Amandil who was now the Lord he commanded to move and dwell also in Romenna. Yet he did not otherwise molest him {[?} at this time{]}, nor dismiss him from the Council of the Sceptre, because he remembered still in his heart their friendship of old; and Amandil was well beloved also by many who were not of the Elendili.>
AK-HA-09: I left here the text as in Sil77. Christopher Tolkien writes to this passage:
In the second sentence I altered the original text 'Umbar, where there was a mighty haven that no hand had wrought' to 'Umbar, where was the mighty haven of the Numenoreans that no hand had wrought', in view of Appendix B, Second Age 2280: 'Umbar is made into a great fortress of Numenor' (nearly a thousand years before the coming of Ar-Pharazon). For the same reason I changed the original text in the following sentence, from 'Empty and silent under the sickle moon was the land when the King of the Sea set foot upon the shore' to 'Empty and silent were all the lands about when the King of the Sea marched upon Middle-earth'. (It is probable that when my father wrote this he did not yet suppose that Umbar was a Numenorean fortress and harbour at the time of Ar-Pharazon's landing.)
AK-SL-08: Okay, if both of you think that scene is valid, we will keep it, so I have some doubts.
But to the use of ‘Tar-marion’ at this place I don’t agree. We might add it earlier when we speak about the things that the Númenoreans hear about Sauron. But in Númenor Sauron was never king, so the prefix ‘Tar-‘ is not appropriate. I think we should use ‘Marion’.

AK-HA-12: I don’t think this is right. Tolkien wanted to make a difference between father addressing the son and son addressing the father.

AK-SL-09: Is it not a bit inconsistent to include ‘Tar-marion’ but remove the Quenya from the speech of Isildur and Elendur? But however we are after the restoration of Tar-Palantir, so it might be that it was not before Sauron convinced Pharazôns to attack Valinor, that Quenya was again forbidden.

AK-SL-12: Agreed.

AK-SL-14: I agree that we should update the Quenya.

AK-SL-14.1: I have to think a bit more about this. It is not impossible to use the name in this text only, but you might be right.

AK-SL-14.2: Okay.

AK-SL-14.3: Agreed.

AK-SL-15.1: Agreed.

AK-SL-23 through AK-SL-28: Agreed.

AK-SL-28.1: See above. I think the discussion can more or less stand as it is. The reference might than not be to Andunaic but a some other language that Sauron promotes, that is even farther removed from the elvish influence.

AK-SL-30: Even so it is risky, I like that addition.

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