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Posted by gondowe:
... outlaws are killed in quarrels over the rest of the Hoard.
This is in my view problematic. We have now a statement from Concerning ... 'The Hoard' that at least a considerable part of the unwrought metalls from Nargothrond reached Menegroth, since the Dwarves agreed that only a tenth from that should be their payment. So if, as Christina Scull told as, Concerning ... 'The Hoard' follows Q30, then we have their again the Húrin destroying his own gesture by fetching help from Thingol to carry the Hoard.

Concerning ... 'The Hoard' has block the way out of that dilema that I imagined. I could invent a clever solution in which Hurin only comes alone and with the Nauglamir after his man have died in quarrels. Seenig that the necklace could only come from the Hoard, adventures from Doriath could go in search for the Hoard, find it and carry it to Menegroth. But inventing is not the way we work here.
We could imaging, that Hurin when he first came tto the boarder, did not go to Thingol but recived help from the boarder-wardens. But that still is inventing a fact in Middle-Earth without a source from Tolkien.

Thereare in my view two question we have to answer:
A. I think we are left with the choice to let Hurin get help from Thingol and if that destroyes the gesture, so what? It was Tolkiens solution not ours. Or we can stay with the solution we found in the first instance: that the Outlaws came to Menegroth but left in peace with part of the Hoard.

B. In both cases we could still let Hurin chose a pre existing Nauglamir as a special part, that he carried hinself and used effectfully in Menegroth. And I think this is actually the second question we have to answer: When and for whom was the Nauglamir wrought?

For A I tend more and more to following Q30 since Concerning ... 'The Hoard' seems to support that version.

For B I think that Text X that we agreed exists does lead us to the Nauglamir beeing made originally for Felagund.

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