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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
My view is that they are a bit too much of a replacement, because... why would the Valar set up a fake "starry sky without sun and moon" if the sun and moon predated the world? It isn't something they should be calling back to, because it never existed;
My answer is: in the Two Trees they have the golden (sun) and silver (moon) lights, and still wanted stars.

With respect to domes, plural, I wonder if this is not a slip -- but if so, admittedly twice! I checked the NOME index here: the first reference isn't plural, but merely states: "since Valinor was domed over" Of course there are two plural references in NOME however, one from Difficulties in Chronology (page 71) c. 1959, and another from Ageing of Elves (page 77) 1959.

But in Morgoth's Ring there are no dome-s that I could find (unless I missed something of course).

The Later Quenta Silmarillion II chapter 6

Ungoliante sees "the dome of Varda"

MT text III

"What happened in Valinor after the Death of the Trees? Aman was "unveiled" -- it had been covered with a dome (made by Varda)" ( . . . ) it was removed and Aman was lit by the Sun"

Aman was unveiled. Christopher Tolkien: "and Aman was lit beneath the Dome by the Two Trees"

MT Text IV

"it was Varda who made the great dome above Valinor"

The Problem of Ros

[concerning the Great Hall of the Throne of Elwe and the Menelrond] " . . . because by the arts and aid of Melian its high arched roof had been adorned with silver and gems set in the order and figures of the stars in the great Dome
of Valmar in Aman, whence Melian came."

Again the Dome of Varda "above Valinor" is referenced [note 21]. Admittedly the "Dome of Valmar" might suggest other domes, but generally speaking, names can be tricky!

In an earlier version of QS, Ungoliant saw the "silver domes of Valmar" > so maybe Tolkien confused this and slipped
a couple times, or maybe remembered the "domed halls of Varda" from another passage?

If there were to be domes, it would seem that only one would have the light of the trees! Although that said, if these two references are not mere slips, perhaps that was the point? Places for any who wanted only a starry night sky.

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