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The Magic Isle & Tol EressŽa: Yes I removed the magic Isles because the Maps showes a time when these Isles were definitley not there. I think that Tolkien draw Map IV while he worked on the Ambarkanta but found then, that he had mixed up different times. In consequence he put in the note and made the shetchy Map V. Since I added some features to Map V, I think it is okay if we as well remove the anachronistic features in Map IV. I left Tol EressŽa because this was an existing Island when it was used to ferry the Elves. But of course the placemant is unsure and I am willing to remove it as well if that is preferd by the groupe.

Hithaeglir: Melkor did not settle in Angband himself at this time but that he builded Angband first and then later raised the Hithaegilr was also my impression.

Other Notes:
- Valinor: Thanks for catching this misspelling.
- The small word before Easterness is 'or'. In full the lable reads 'Eastland of Easterness' as in the original. I agree that the readability is pure. May be we should set the lables in that are printed in Sea, Ice or Mountains in a white frame, like it is in the original.

What about the course of Anduin in Map V? Is that okay?

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