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For the Orcs (Inkwell of Ideas)

Inkwell of an Idea

For The Orcs

“Inferno”- Set after the conquest of Moria; a small group of Orcs and two trolls are sent by their overlords to delve into the further levels of the underground kingdom. Their main quest at hand is to plunder and scrounge treasures in the deeper mines; mithril ore would definitely garner a smaller orc a promotion or a new loincloth for the Trolls. However one must be careful, the dwarves have delved too deep with their mining and fouler things have risened from ancient slumber; ready to unleash horror upon any unarmed soul…

“Snaga’s a Spying”- After gaining some assistance from a few sinister beings, Saruman sends out several Snaga spies to relay a message towards a “Dubious” fellow in Bree. A written message to start his campaign on harvesting Pipe-Weed…

“Strawheads Reckoning”- An odd white robed being had stepped foot upon Dunland soil; his words bearing powerful strife of the rohirrim coming to finish their past assaults and will come for their blood. Willing to assist them with weapons and terrifying allies; the feared “Wildmen of Dunland” have unsheathed their bloodlust and now start a renewed war from long ago. Their first target…a large city in Rohan, a prosperous target (Note: This is Wildmen-Centric but it’s also Orc revolved as well, either side can work)

“The Ballots of Little-Pimple”- Set upon fulfilling Saruman’s rule of the Shire; several orcs have been sent to assist a group of Ruffians in harassing the locals, allowing an increase in Lotho Sackville-Bagginses ballot in the election. All of the orcs have been given full-reign in whatever they do to the voters, the torturous the better.
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