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Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
First a word of doubt about the matter of the making of the Nauglamír by the Dwarves long before for Finrod Felagund: In HoME XI, The Tale of the Years; Note on Chapter 22 Of the Ruin of Doriath Christopher Tolkien starts with the following sentence:Apart from a few matters of detail in texts and notes that have not been published, …
In view of this the note in BL suggests that one such unpublished note does contain the story that the Nauglamír was made for Fleagund and that this necklace only was taken to Doriath by Húrin. If that is true, than time of writing of that note relative to the versions of the Tale of the Year would be important for us. But as we don’t have that timing, we must decide otherwise. And the only hint that I can find is what Christopher told in the rest of the Note on Chapter 22. There he himself finds it most likely that his father would have reinstalled the band of Húrin to transport the hord of Glaurung to Doriath. Therefore I still think we have taken the right decision.
I had not re-read that sentence in TWotJ, so I want to say one thought:

I also think that the band of Húrin with the whole treasure carried to Menegroth and the making of the Nauglamir there (not in Nargothrond) is the best solution and is the one I want to follow. But, taking that CT reaffirms,in 2017, the solution taken in Sil77, I don't know if we are correct.
I mean that possibly CANON Sli77 is fixed by CT NOW.

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