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I see the difficulty, but I still have two points.

1) I found it jarring the way the name of the necklace is introduced in our text. Can we at least say
.. and he cast the {Nauglafrin}[Nauglamír, the Necklace of the Dwarves] around his throat ..
This, for me, keeps the title and makes it more introductory. It's introduced this way in Lost Tales, with its translation.

2) For me the text as it stands is odd: the Dwarves present the Nauglamir as if it was a surprise, but it was essentially the driving force of Thingol's contract with them, and was there watching them make it. Why then do they have to explain that they kept a part of gold in order to make a necklace. I suppose they could simply be being ceremonial, but it seems odd to me. Perhaps I am simply reading into it too much.
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