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I found another addition worth including from a draft of the Numenor material in Appendix A, given under the Tale of Years for the Second Age draft material in HoME 12:
..... Then Sauron withdrew to his fortress in the Black Land and meditated war.
LA-SL-01.5 <HoME 12: Tale of Years of the Second Age, T5 {These}The shores of Middle-earth were much changed in the tumult of the winds and seas that followed the Downfall; for in some places the sea rode in upon the land, and in others it piled up new coasts. Thus while Lindon suffered great loss, the Bay of Belfalas was much filled at the east and south, so that Pelargir which had been only a few miles from the sea was left far inland, and Anduin carved a new path by many mouths to the Bay. But the Isle of Tol Falas was almost destroyed, and was left at last like a barren and lonely mountain in the water not far from the issue of the River.>
In that time those of the Númenóreans who were saved .....
It contains details given nowhere else.
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